Saturday, November 28, 2009

Assessing Obama's taste in burgers

Today, Dad and I checked out Obama's favourite burger joint, Five Guys, on 55th St between 5th & 6th. Overall impression: good but nothing amazing. The burgers could definitely have been juicier. I think this is because they are made one way, well done, and in my opinion a medium rare burger is optimal for maximum juiciness and flavour. Fries were okay as well and not particularly flavourful. I hate to say this, but I'll take McDonald's french fries over Five Guys any day. For those craving burgers in NYC, I would recommend Shake Shack or the not-so-secret Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien Hotel instead.

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Marksy85 said...

I love 5 guys! They had one around the corner from where I worked in DC and I went there (and to Moby Dick's, the Persian chain) quite often.