Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Achie Annette's Home Cooked Meal & Lady M

On her last night in town, Achie Annette cooked us a delicious meal of Tinolang Manok and steamed jumbo shrimp with a soy sauce and scallion dipping sauce.

Tinolang Manok is a Filipino ginger chicken soup that is traditionally made with green papaya and spinach or watercress. Seeing that it is winter time in NYC, Achie Annette improvised with ingredients that were available in Chinatown. Her delicious rendition of the dish had chicken thighs and drumstick with Chinese long beans, carrots, and baby bak choy, flavoured with a generous sprinkle of Thai fish sauce. Nothing warms my soul faster on a cold New York winter's night than a piping hot bowl of chicken soup.

In addition to the Tinolang Manok, Achie Annette made what she claimed to be Mom's steamed jumbo shrimp recipe, although I honestly can't recall having eaten it before. She boiled sprite with slices of ginger, then steamed the shrimps until they just turned pink. She then heated up some soy sauce and scallions, to use as the dipping sauce.

For dessert, we had, dun dun dun.....mille crepes from Lady M!!!! This dessert is probably one of my top three favourite desserts in NYC. It is essentially twenty layers of crepes with a very thin spread of cream between each layer. Then the top is lightly caramelized à la crème brûlée. It is literally heaven on earth, if your vision of heaven involves luscious cream and slightly burnt sugar. Even better, this dessert is so light that I could literally have it everyday for the rest of my life and not tire of it. If only I could!

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